Outstanding EPOS for the Hospitality Industry

About Tillypad Epos Systems

 When a group of talented young software development, engineering, marketing, and hospitality specialists came together to create a product the market demanded. Soon after, the Tillypad became an indispensable tool for handling the fundamental business processes of restaurants, cafés, fast-food outlets, and more. Tillypad Epos Systems was established in 1997 and are now based in The Midlands.


The Solution You Can Trust

Today, more than 10,000 restaurants across Europe and Asia entrust their business processes to Tillypad. Our company is represented by a network of more than 90 international dealerships, which provide installation, maintenance, and support services. Our strategy of continuous improvement – and our dedication to exceeding industry standards – makes Tillypad XL a sound investment for any business in the hospitality sector.

Envisioning Something New

Anticipating a surge in the number of food chains being opened, we set about developing Tillypad XL. This radically new system would enable even more efficient management of restaurant chains. The endeavour paid off in 2007, when the first ever commercial installation of Tillypad XL was carried out – in the largest Japanese restaurant chain in Saint Petersburg. The resounding success of this, and subsequent, installations confirmed that all our targets had been met or exceeded. In 2008, Tillypad XL was released on the general market.

Proudly Serving Britain

For several years now, Tillypad has operated in the British market. We’ve localised our products to suit the needs of the UK hospitality industry. As a result, the Tillypad XL has been installed in a wide variety of venues; from hotels to pubs, restaurants, fast-food establishments, and more. With our rich experience as a global provider of hospitality automation technology, Tillypad offers British restauranteurs fresh solutions to their organisational requirements.

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