Outstanding EPOS for the Hospitality Industry

Tillypad XL: The Ultimate hospitality System

Tillypad XL is a hospitality system. It’s designed to be the ideal solution for restaurants, cafés, clubs, catering companies, and entertainment facilities. Tillypad XL helps you to increase the efficiency of your business and, ultimately, increase your profit.

Taking Care of Everything

Tillypad XL optimises all business processes. This includes:

  • Taking Orders
  • Making Payments
  • Communicating with Kitchen Staff
  • Setting Up Loyalty Programmes
  • Managing Menus, Stock, Goods, and Recipes
  • Stock-in and Stock-out Records
  • Inventory Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • General Management

Tillypad XL provides fast access to sales, net cost, income, and food cost data. It also provides access to financial, marketing, and analytical reports.

Our clients love Tillypad XL for three main reasons. It’s fast, it’s informative, and it’s technologically advanced. These features are essential to running your business smoothly and successfully. But what do they mean in practise?

Fast: A High-Speed Knockout

Tillypad XL provides the speed you need in all aspects of business organisation. It empowers waiters to work faster, from the moment they take an order to settling the final bill. It allows store- and book-keepers to create stock-in records, stock items and recipes, create inventories, or make direct requests using a POS terminal or tablet. Tasks like retrieving sales or other reports take a matter of seconds. Each of these time-saving capabilities result in better service – and higher revenue.

advanced technology

Informative: Putting Data at your Fingertips

With Tillypad XL, you’ll be sure that system data is updated in real-time. What’s more, it can be accessed in mere milliseconds. What does that mean for you? Complete, up-to-the-minute information — whenever you need it.

When you make a change to a menu or stock list, your waiters are instantly updated via their mobile devices or POS terminals. Kitchen staff also receive all necessary information on the kitchen display, as soon as you push an update. The information that can be displayed includes what has been ordered, at which table, guests’ comments on dishes, and orders that must be prioritised due to time constraints. 

Need analytics or a specific report? With a single button press, you can instantaneously retrieve the reports you need. Moreover, Tillypad XL can send you information about your restaurant via email or SMS – either on a schedule, or in conjunction with certain events. The system will let you know when you need to intervene, or make changes. It’s a feature that will help you to constantly improve your service. Put simply, Tillypad XL lays out your business before you – ensuring you know everything there is to know.

Advanced Technology: A Necessary Foundation

A house is only as strong as the foundation on which it’s built. That’s why we chose Microsoft™ SQL Server 2012 as the backbone of Tillypad XL. It’s the most recent, best-equipped database solution. Our continued success with Microsoft has elevated us to the status of silver partner. Tillypad XL is an open system that adapts to your specific needs. Its configuration and integration capabilities know no limits, and all the information you need to make the system work best for you may be accessed via our online help resources.

Tillypad XL is an excellent fit for businesses of all sizes. Beginner restauranteurs and industry juggernauts alike can get started quickly, exercising full control of their venues regardless of their number and location. Even venues scattered across countries are easily managed with this well-coordinated system.

Set uniform standards for all venues from your main office, and guarantee unwavering compliance, with the help of Tillypad XL. We offer unique opportunities and favourable terms for chain projects and franchise holders who strive for global growth and want to modernise their business.

Innovation at the Point of Sale

  • Fast, Accurate Management of Orders and Guest Tabs
  • Cooperate System for Communicating with the Kitchen
  • Effective Discount System, Loyalty Programmes, and Cashless Settlements
  • Stocktaking on the POS Terminal (Including by Weight Using Our Scales Interface or Barcodes)
  • Creation of Stock Requests and Transfer of Stock Between Venues on the POS Terminal
  • Deposit and Pre-Payment Management
  • Standard and Detailed Reports for Administrators and Managers
  • Customised Interface: Seating Layouts, Hot Buttons, and Control Elements
  • Bank Card Processing Integration
  • Time and Attendance

Revolutionising the Back Office

  • Menu and Menu Drafts
  • Configuration of Discount Systems and Loyalty Programmes
  • Configuration of a Wide Range of Payment Methods, Including Cashless Settlements
  • Real-time Information on Guest Tabs, Orders, Discounts, Staff Performance, and the Workload in the Kitchen and Dining Areas
  • Reports, Budgeting, Planned Targets, Staff Efficiency, and Data Uploads to Enterprise Management Systems
  • Reliable Information (Data About Changes Made to All Records)
  • Business Intelligence Reports
  • Automatic Report Distribution (via Email or SMS) to Managers and Owners
  • Stock Control
  • Documents on Merchandise Flow (Stock-in and Stock-out Records, Stock Adjustment Records, Butchering Records, Development Records, Stocktaking Records, and Stock Movement Records)
  • Recipe Instructions, Recipe Cost Calculations, and Ingredient Substitutions
  • Stock on Hand in Online Mode, on Certain Dates, or at the Close of the Business Day
  • Convenient Recalculation of Menu Items, Including Searching for Items within Recipes and Substitutions
  • Recipe Cost Analysis
  • Purchase Price, Own Cost, Planned Cost
  • Purchase Price Control
  • Sales Reports by Cost Price and Stock Item

Advantages for the Whole Restaurant Team

Everyone on the team will benefit from Tillypad XL. Owners and directors receive powerful, reliable, and visually compelling tools for monitoring all aspects of their restaurant’s operation. Data on sales, profits, expenses, payroll, and the average guest tab and totals are all readily available. Data on how actual figures compare with planned values are available at any detail level, at any time, from any device.

Great for Proprietors

Proprietors don’t have to visit the office, or ask employees to send them reports to keep track of their venues’ operations. Instead, Tillypad XL generates and emails reports autonomously. With immediate access to every piece of information – from details about an employee’s performance, to complex financial documentation – restaurant owners and directors will keep abreast of their businesses’ profits and be equipped to make timely adjustments that impact the bottom line.

pay by card

Ideal for Managers

Managers and administrators receive time-sensitive information about guest tabs, orders, purchases, and stock, as well as details about how busy the kitchen and dining areas are. Visual representations of key figures (daily revenue, expenses, payroll, and complete sales and performance data) provide an illustrative picture of the restaurant’s performance on a specific day, week, or month. Tillypad XL delivers management thorough summaries based on real figures. This allows managers to intervene when necessary and ensure financial growth. There is a wealth of possibilities for creating and implementing loyalty programmes, as well as a convenient, comprehensive toolkit for organising deliveries and making reservations. This helps to skyrocket revenue and optimise additional sources of income.

epos card pay

Perfect for Accountants

Accountants and bookkeepers will appreciate the user-friendly interface of Tillypad XL, as well as the transparency and accessibility of the information it provides. N/A stock movement can be tracked effortlessly, as well as order item information and sales. Stocktaking and stock adjustment records are always clear and informative. Convenient substitution features, stock item bundling, recalculation, and transfer of finished dishes will significantly facilitate operations.

Essential for Purchasing Managers

Purchasing managers in the central office and on-site buyers will have a comprehensive, easy-to-use tool for planning purchases, creating purchases, and communicating with suppliers. Employees responsible for purchases always have cost information broken down by planned cost and purchase price. Thanks to automatic purchase price monitoring, users cannot buy a product for a higher price than the one set in the system. With Tillypad XL, store records are generated automatically based on requests to suppliers. That means time- and labour-consuming tasks are carried out quickly, accurately, and with much less work involved. Tillypad XL saves you money. It helps you to optimise your product grid. And it helps you to identify unpopular items while minimising expenses by monitoring purchase prices. It even helps you to decrease payroll expenditure by automating routine payment tasks.

Indispensable for Waiting Staff

Waiters, bartenders, and cashiers will adore how easy and fast it is to use Tillypad XL. Entering orders, accommodating additional requests, notifying the kitchen, printing tabs, adding discounts, and settling tabs with cash, card, or accounts are all accomplished with minimal effort. It’s no secret that convenient software results in higher service quality; the less time waiters spend fighting with their POS terminal, the more time they’ve got to devote to guests. Tillypad XL is so convenient that delays become a thing of the past. The seating layout display contains customer information – ideal for staying informed at a glance. Important functions are highlighted in coloured buttons, always at hand. Logged-in users will only see the menus that are relevant to them. What’s more, users can add their most-used functions to the “favourites” display. Waiters will enjoy being able to use mobile devices to keep updated. This includes entering orders without leaving the table, receiving order-ready messages from the kitchen, and being equipped to give guests additional recommendations. All of this is accomplished faster, and easier, with the use of a device connected to Tillypad XL.

Priceless for IT Staff

Members of the IT team are sure to appreciate the reliability and stability of the Tillypad XL system, as well as its low hardware requirements. Installing Tillypad XL on the most budget-friendly equipment available can substantially lower the cost of an automation project – without compromising the operational quality of the system. A well-designed access system will keep data safe from unauthorised use, and will determine permissions for each employee. Thanks to Tillypad XL, the internal security of your restaurant is under control. All staff actions are logged and the integrated video surveillance will help you to settle any disputes. Even an entry-level IT specialist can install and administer the system. Adding new workstations will not present difficulty; it only takes a short amount of time and may even be done remotely. 

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